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Regenerage® is internationally recognized for offering

American biotechnology using expanded stem cells combined with our flagship peptide therapy in Cancun, Mexico. This cutting edge treatment is known in the medical community as combinatorial biologics.

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Stem cells help us to improve our quality of life, making conditions in our body, since sometimes we will presenting health problems that we don’t notice. Dr. Osorio in my experience is more than a health professional, has many human qualities and always looks for the full benefit of his patients.
Laura Farias. | 52 years. | Texas, USA
After an accident my severe injury had poor prognosis, that was the moment where I found Dr. Osorio and his innovative regenerative medicine protocols. After suffering a complete Spinal Cord Section at T12-L1, nowadays I have recovered my mobility, my limbs control and increased my muscle mass, also I am controlling my sphincters and enjoying my sexual life as a recent married husband.”
Omar Hiawatha Flores. | 36 years | Mexico City, Mexico
My trigeminal neuralgia for over 12 years made my life miserable with chronic pain and frequent headaches (at least once a month) changed after the first combinatorial biologics protocol Dr. Osorio performed directly to my face, bringing great relief and the persistent pain near tony lips has completely disappeared.”
Maria Alicia De la Cruz. | 65 years | Arizona, USA
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Regenerage® is internationally recognized for our outstanding collaborations with universities and physicians worldwide.

5 steps towards
your healing journey

Step 1: Online Questionnaire

Complete our brief online questionnaire to see if you qualify for care at Regenerage®.

Step 2: Patient Concierge Phone Call

Our patient concierge will contact you within 24 hours after completion to either welcome you or explain why your request was not accepted. We only like happy patients and do not accept cases we do not believe we can help.

Step 3: Virtual Consultation With Our Doctor

Our patient concierge will assist you in gathering any records needed before scheduling a virtual consultation with our doctor.
At this 30 minute consultation, we will explain in detail the procedure that is best for your specific needs.

Step 4: Travel Assistance and Scheduling
Our patient concierge will assist you in travel and procedure scheduling. A 3-night hotel stay is included in your fee for services. Patients schedule and pay for their own flights. Once you arrive, airport transportation and hotel accommodations are already paid for by us. You can relax and prepare to start your healing journey.
Step 5: Procedure and Follow Up

Day 1: Arrival and relaxation
Day 2: Combinatorial biologics treatment
Day 3: Follow up appointment with our doctor and be released from care

From here, our patient concierge will follow up with you over a 9 month period to monitor and document your progress.

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